Joe has asked me to post the following list of ingredients which will be available at the baking weekend:
Malt extract
Fine Sea Salt
Sunflower seeds
Sesame Seeds
Mixed Peel
Hemp Seeds
Bicarbonate of soda
Pumpkin seeds
Baking powder

Shipton Mill
Canadian strong white bread flour (112) x 1 @ 25k
Finest Bakers White Bread flour No.1 (101) x 1 @ 25k
Untreated Organic White flour No.4 (105) x 2 @ 25k
T55 French (102) x 1 @ 25k
Organic Italian Ciabatta Flour (107) x 1 @ 25k
Italian White Flour Type “OO” (118) x1 @ 25k
Organic 100% Wholemeal Flour (205) x 1 @ 25k
Stoneground Canadian Organic !00% Wholemeal (209) x 1 @ 25k
Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) x 1 @ 16k
Organic Light Rye Flour Type 997 (601) x1 @ 25k
Organic Dark Rye flour Type 1350 (603) x 1 @ 25k


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