Latest News 17.07.15: Today’s the day!!!

Gill & Jay Butters together with Joe (Firebeard) Rowntree are hosting this year’s Bethesdabakin’ at Garmon View, Gill & Jay’s spacious house in the beautiful Conwy Valley in North Wales over the weekend of 18/19 July.

This will be the ninth annual Bethesdabakin’. The idea is very simple; people who want to share ideas and bake bread with other bakers get together at a different venue each year. Whoever is hosting organises equipment, flour and other ingredients, and meals are prepared  and shared by the participants. If you are unfamiliar with the events, click on the link – Bethesdabakin’ Baking Weekends – on the sidebar of this page and look through the blogs of previous years. Some are less complete than others but they will give you some idea of what to expect.

The events are not owned by anyone, there are no rules but are based on a few simple principles: everyone who comes is a participant (no observers), everyone has something to offer (even if that’s only inexperience and a desire to learn),  no stars (people help each other), shared catering and costs. Costs are likely to be in the region of £70, less for non-baking partners. Actual costs will be announced in advance of the event.

The weekend is open to anyone but, for practical reasons, numbers are limited and a few places are being reserved for local participants. Partners/children welcome within reason.

Much more information to follow but, if you want to come, enter your details in the contact box below:

13 Responses to Welcome

  1. Marcus Row says:

    Already started dreaming up ideas for what I’m going to bake this year! And to have the choice between that Haussler AND the Wood-Fired Oven, where to begin!? Really lovely spot too, that Jay and Gill have, very much looking forward to this year’s event.


  2. The Cornish Exile says:

    Hi all. It looks like work may, for the second year running, stop me from coming this year after all. I’ll do what I can to come, but I may be stuck in Newcastle that weekend. There are definite perks to remaining a student! Jack


  3. The Hill Bakery says:

    I don’t know – I tried signing up last week but there’s no sign of my post … either the technology’s failing me or I’ve done something stupid. Yes, I know, no contest there … Anyway, yes please, I’d love to come. Sorry it sounds as if you won’t make it, Jack – you’ll have to try harder for the 10th gathering next year!


  4. moonbake1 says:

    See you all Saturday morning., are you coming on two wheels again Adam ? Looking forward to hearing how you amazing new shop is going, great stuff mate. See you all soon


  5. The Hill Bakery says:

    Right, I’m all paid up, which means I’d better actually come! This year I think I’ll be leaving the bike at home … the train will be a bit quicker … Look forward to seeing you, Rick!


  6. I’ll bring my wood-fired, low-mass oven. Just fitted the granite shelves in today.
    If I can provide images here, I will.
    Organisers: would there likely be logs available? It burns about a Tesco box full in 5 hours so is quite efficient.


  7. Hm, up to 21 bakers, I see, and I’m still not on the list … Am hoping I won’t be turned away!


  8. A celebrity Sarf Lanon baker arriving on any number bus into (standard Senior Conductor speak) Trefriw is likely to cause local delirium.


  9. The Hill Bakery says:

    The only delirium I recognise these days is the good old delirium tremens. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of that after a night on Jay’s cider …


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